CH-1600高速分切机 ytiyu
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苏州赤狐智能科技有限公司   致力于裁切分切解决方案的厂家,
R&D and production: new cutting cutting cutting equipment, fitting equipment, high-speed cutting machine, precision cutting machine, large cutting machine, non-cutting machine。

高速分条机适合分切电子材料,保护膜,铜箔,铝箔,OPP, PP, PE, PVC,复合材料等分条加工。本机广泛用于印刷,包装,电子,皮革,制衣,塑胶等行业。
High Speed Slitter Suitable for slitting electronic materials, protective film , copper foil, aluminum foil, OPP,PP,PE,PVC, composite materials etc. Widely used in printing ,package, electron , leather, clothing, rubber industries etc.

1. 电器控制系统采用进口PLC控制,操作界面采用触摸屏,可在屏幕上设定工作参数及显示运转状况。采用圆刀分切,分切盘面整齐,有吹废边装置。系统具有计米,计算卷径,米数自动停机等功能。
2. 收卷采用滑差轴,由变频电机驱动,自动张力控制。放卷由变频器控制变频电机驱动,自动张力控制。置料采用无轴装卸料,油压式升降,装卸料方便,效率高,放卷自动纠偏。




1. The electrical control system is controlled by imported PLC. The touch screen is used in the operation interface. The working parameters can be set on the screen and the operation status can be displayed. Round knife is used to cut, the cutting disc surface is neat, and there is a blow-off edge device. The system has the functions of counting meters, calculating coil diameter and automatically stopping meters.
2. Rewinding is driven by variable frequency motor with slip shaft and automatic tension control. Rewinding is driven by variable frequency motor controlled by frequency converter and automatic tension control. The material is loaded and unloaded without axle, oil pressure lifting, convenient loading and unloading, high efficiency, and automatic rectification of winding.
3. Automatic knife arrangement/infrared automatic winding pipe center/automatic unloading (optional function)

 The slitter has the function of rewinder.

Main Technical Parameters主要技术规格


Model 型号 CH-1300 CH-1600
Max width of raw material 材料宽度 1300mm 1600mm
Max.Dia of material 放卷直径 1400mm 1400mm
Max machinery speed 最高机械速度 800M/min 800M/min
Max Diameter of rewinding 最大收卷直径 600mm 600mm
Min slitting width 最小分切宽度 30mm 30mm
Weight of machine 机器重量 8000kg 9000kg
Tolerance of slitting 分切精度 ≤0.5mm ≤0.5mm
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 外形尺寸 4200*4700*2150mm 4200*5300*2150mm
Total power 机器功率 35kw 50kw